Who dares ?

This is all about crossing the Krossa, a vicious glacier-river and the most famous Jeep-killer in Iceland. The Nissan Patrol is ours and is on the "right side" of the Krossa. We did only lose our front license plate but many others did lose their jeep.... Thanks to the warden at Thorsmörks hut for the misery pictures. He wanted to buy my 4x4 immediately. And, he guys : I have NO snorkel.
The poor guys at picture nr 5 tried to cross with a Suzuki. Alas. The assurance does not cover damage caused by river-crossing. Electronics and engine ruined, together with damage caused by the pulling-out. I informed about the cost. The Suzuki was completely stripped and rebuilt. Stand well back : in total 18.000 € :-(
  • JDF 5803a
  • JDF 5733a
  • JDF 5724a
  • JDF 5726a
  • JDF 5778a
  • JDF 5704a
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  • JDF 5836a
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