Prison H15

Everybody is coming up with the same and only picture here. I didn't want to do this. Hope this series looks quite different from others. But this location is really difficult. I admit.
Hope you will all like my view.
As usual : every picture is handheld
  • JDF 6749-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6793-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6797-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6750-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6746b-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6756-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6757-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6759-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6781c-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6769-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6778-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6784-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6787-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6791-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6792-BorderMaker
  • JDF 6742-BorderMaker