Powerplant IM

I know, there is still some work to do on this series but I already want to dedicate this album to Sascha. Sascha is the 11 years old son of my good colleague Natascha. A very brave kid, Sascha is fighting against leukemia. Hey Sascha, let's go for it !!!!!
  • JDF 3510a
  • JDF 3506a
  • JDF 3584a
  • JDF 3511a
  • JDF 3523a
  • JDF 3517a
  • JDF 3547a
  • JDF 3551a
  • JDF 3552a
  • JDF 3553a
  • JDF 3560a
  • JDF 3571a
  • JDF 3572a
  • JDF 3575a
  • JDF 3590a
  • JDF 3487bb