In 1783 the craterrow of the Laki volcanoe opened. The eruption lasted for nearly a year and the volume of magma seems te be the biggest known in mankind. A lot of sheep and cattle died because of toxic gasses poisoning the grass. A lot of inhabitants died by starving. There was so much dust in the air that the sun was red in the middle of the day. In Western Europe people didn't have a real summer for 2 years. It was no explosion but a constant lava-stream, nearly 50 km long. Now the system is asleep. Most of the pictures are taken while standing on top of the main crater called Laki. Lakagigar means crater-row of the Laki. Been there two times, it is like walking on another planet. I'm still working on a panoramic picture. Except from the hut of the warden there is no settlement in a radius of 50 km
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