Geothermal field

Only few tourists know about this wonderful geothermal field in Iceland.
It cannot be compared with Namaskard in terms of colours. Even no match with Leihrnjukur. Hard to say and it's hard to kill your own babies but further elimination is a must. This time I will need external help because I want to save no more than 5 from these from the digital heaven. We walked there for several hours and did not meet any other tourist. Colours are real. Mainly just set from NEF to JPG, not even sharpened. Just a bit more local contrast is added.
I admit : we were very lucky bastards what concerned the weather
  • JDF 4207-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4206-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4231-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4286a
  • JDF 4268a
  • JDF 4252a
  • JDF 4214-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4216
  • JDF 4283a
  • JDF 4279a
  • JDF 4270a
  • JDF 4222a
  • JDF 4291-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4218
  • JDF 4210
  • JDF 4208
  • JDF 4192
  • JDF 4221
  • JDF 4220
  • JDF 4193
  • JDF 4278a
  • JDF 4284a
  • JDF 4260a
  • JDF 4289-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4246-BorderMaker
  • JDF 4242a