CDC with the dreamteam

The dreamteam, that is : Gils (Gilbert Claes), Hypnomedi (Johan Van Mensel sr.) en MaGuFoto (Mark-Guy Heesakker). We stayed close to each other but we came with 4 completely different end-results. Also a very warm thanks to Maryse Daniëls, the project-manager who was so kind to let us in. In complete confidence. I want to dedicate this project to Maryse. Thank you Maryse. I'll keep in touch for the photographing of the progression of the restauration of this very unique building.
JDF 2531aaaaa JDF 2531aaa JDF 2531a JDF 2531 JDF 2537 JDF 2529
JDF 2530 JDF 2528 JDF 2538 JDF 2550 JDF 2550aa JDF 2613aa
JDF 2616c JDF 2616d JDF 2570a JDF 2612aaa JDF 2608 JDF 2554 2
JDF 2600 JDF 2592a JDF 2599 JDF 2517 JDF 2580 JDF 0049aa