CDC, a revisit

Hello everybody.
After a long and spectacular visit to Iceland I am ready to pick up the thread with the albums. This one is not a final one, it's only meant to proove that I did not quit. And for Maria : next year is Sweden. Would love to meet you.
  • JDF 3208-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3215-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3073-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3191-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3061a-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3105-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3071-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3090-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3097a-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3106-BorderMaker
  • JDF 3130-BorderMaker